What is Rheumatoid Arthritis? Why me? Part 2


Because of your RA it’s likely your doctors have told you that you are going to have irreparable tissues damage. 

First - the tissue can be repaired once the cells revitalize and the body becomes healthy again.  It will take some time so be patient and persistent.

Second - it is not your RA that is causing the tissue damage.  It is your body’s own IMMUNE system that is causing the tissue damage. 

Remember your immune system is triggered by what you do and what decisions you do every day. 

When the immune system is confused it becomes hyperactive and we experience our RA flare ups. 

It is your responsibly to train your immune system to stop being hyperactive. 

What makes our immune system overreact and trigger our RA symptoms in the first place?  This is my new e-book for you to download here “7 Common Triggers of Rheumatoid Arthritis Pain” 


Here are the 3 main groups:

- Genetics

- Environmental toxin overload, infections

- Diet or food sensitivities, leaky gut and life style


I didn’t include ‘Genetics’ in my e-book “7 common triggers of Rheumatoid Arthritis Pain” and here is why …

Genetics have a great effect on our immune system but our lifestyle, life experiences and exposure to toxins play a huge role in how our genes respond.  Genes alone won’t mean the disease will develop.

Genes are not your destiny.  

They are just a blueprint for what could happen.  Genetics can be responsible where the damage will be located or what kind of autoimmune disease you will have but it is your lifestyle that dictates if your genes will react or not in the first place.

The other two main causes (toxins, food sensitivities) also depend directly on how we choose to live.  I will focus more on these in future teachings. 

Also keep in mind when you’ve been diagnosed with one autoimmune disease you increase the risk for a second or third autoimmune disease.  Autoimmunity breeds poly-autoimmunity and it’s important to know that auto-immunity will never get turned completely off, it is more like a dimmer switch.  But more and more studies show that your immune system can be train so you can reverse the disease and never have symptoms again.