MY name is Lucy Piper and I am a Autoimmune Certified Coach. 

I help people suffering from Rheumatoid arthritis with practical, natural and safe solutions to regulate the immune system and support healing, so that they can live a symptoms-free, active and full life! 


I was diagnosed with Juvenile Rheumatoid arthritis about 45 years ago at the age of 10.  The severe pain I experienced was at the knees and hips and it felt like a drill going through my legs.  I remember when I had the flare ups that my mother would wrap a towel or scarf around my knees to try and calm down my pain.  Of course it didn’t help but I did feel some placebo effect of comfort.  At that time I lived in Soviet Russia and I was sent to the children sanatorium, which was the preferred treatment at that time.  The other children who struggled with Juvenile Rheumatoid arthritis and I were under special medical supervision and treated with a great deal of medications (the main one was the antibiotic tetracycline). We lived there, far away from our families, getting treatments. Four or five months later when I came back from the sanatorium I still had symptoms but by the time I reached fifteen years of age the attacks came less often and not as severe.

All those years, I knew I still had RA but I never had any major attacks so there was no need for medication or even for me to think about it until February 2012 when one morning I woke up with this severe pain drilling through my legs.  I thought I was past all of this.  I was strong and healthy and I lived an active lifestyle; hiking in the mountains all over the world, cross country skiing, biking, and working long hours in my vegetable garden.  Right there my life stopped overnight.  I couldn’t sleep, sit, walk, drive, or even focus past the pain.  I didn’t understand why my body suddenly stopped working.  Where did this pain come from?  I was depressed and out of control.  But mostly I worried that I wouldn’t be able to continue my active lifestyle, that I had lost my freedom to do what I like to do in my life.  While I had no idea what to do I did know I wasn’t ready to sit back and be on drugs for the rest of my life.

I was desperate for help.  I started to research for rheumatologist but most of them didn’t want to take new patients.  I finally found one in my area but had to wait over two months for my first appointment.  While I waited for my appointment I started to do my own research about RA. My studies went beyond the thousands of self-help websites on the internet.  I researched real medical scientific studies and found out that I have an autoimmune disease and from this point I start to see the connection between diet and life style, and autoimmunity. 

When my appointment finally came for my doctor’s visit, it was very quick and had little to offer except to use highly toxic drugs.  From my studies I knew that medications don’t always work and at best only temporarily relieve the pain.  For many patients the drug treatments actually create a variety of additional problems, including side effects that often were as bad as the symptoms they were supposedly treating and sooner or later the patients would need stronger and stronger doses suppressing their immune systems even more.  I knew that taking medications for the rest of my life was not the answer for me.  I was really afraid of what the drugs were going to do to my body and that they would only be treating the symptoms and not attacking the underlying cause.

Since I had already started my research I asked the doctor if a special diet and life style could help and the response was NO.  I was angry at the doctor.  I was angry at myself.  I was angry about my disease.  All of this helped to motivated me to find a solution.  I started to experiment with foods that I had learned from my research.  I designed my own personal healing protocol.  Growing up in Russia we didn’t have sophisticated medicines like there is in the United States.  We rarely visited the doctor.  Instead we used food as our medicine.  I had faith that if I went back to my roots I could find an answer.  

Using what I had learned, I started with a very strict diet and in about 2 weeks the pain started to go away and in a little over 3 weeks the symptoms were gone completely.   I was so fascinated with the results but also concerned that the pain might come back that I continued going deeper into my studies.  Being a former engineer/architect I like to know the scientific data behind any discovery especially as one as personal as my own recovery.  I quit my corporate job and went back to school to receive training in Functional medicine and became a Functional medicine practitioner and Certified holistic health coach.  

It has now been almost 5 years that my RA went to remission.  I never took any drugs to treat my RA and have never gone back to any rheumatologist or other specialists again.  I have learned what my body needs.  Once again I am able to resume my regular activities.  In fact, I went to Switzerland for a hiking trip later that same year when I was crippled with an RA attack.  I still have to watch what I eat but that's a small price to pay for good health.  Good health is what matters, because the pain from RA takes your freedom away.  I really believe that food is medicine and when you eat the correct foods amazing things happen.  When you get the right diet for the right person, it can change almost everything.  Food is so powerful, that when you put it in your mouth it starts to work immediately for good or bad within hours effecting your cells and genes.  That is why the right diet is so important for healthy living.  So from my personal RA experience I tell my RA patients that “you can see a light at the end of the tunnel”.   Understand that only you and you alone are in control of your life.  What foods you put in your mouth will determine where you will end up health wise.  Doctors won’t solve your problems, you will.   Ultimately even with the support of family, friends, health coaches and doctors the solution to controlling RA is up to you.



Actively pursuing healthy eating/lifestyle habits since my early 20’s, I was surprised, and a little discouraged when diagnosed with UC and Osteoarthritis in my mid 50’s. Implementing some of the newer approaches to treating auto-immune diseases, such as elimination diet and cleanses, I learned to identify foods that would trigger my body’s inflammation response. For me, this seems to be gluten overloads and sugar.  Learning that I don’t have to make drastic changes in my eating habits, but can eat simple, healthy whole foods....that taste great...took the stress out of keeping my digestive system in shape. Probiotics have helped so much, either in capsulated form, or in consuming fermented food almost daily. Mostly though, I think my health has improved because I am more in-tune with what my body needs (or doesn’t need). So, I adjust my regimen when I start to feel “off”, instead of waiting until I feel “terrible”. At first it took some discipline on my part, but with the Lucy’s guidance and accountability, I can thank the Lord for my very real state of wellness.     Judy                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                     

Lucy's formula for success is simple: borrow from long-established culinary traditions and ethnic trends using modern, whole-food concept.  She will show you how to: un-complicate your food choices, separate fad from fact; begin a lifelong model for creating healthy and delicious meals.  Lucy will take you from shopping cart to table, in order to enjoy your food in to natural way.    Y