Fermented Vegetables 101


Cabbage, Carrot, Cucumbers, Cherry Tomatoes (any vegetables)

5 Tbs sea salt                                                                                              

2 quart filtered water


- Prepare the brine (night before or so)

– stir the salt in water be sure it completely dissolve

- Shred the cabbage and carrot by hand or use a food processor

- Mix ingredients together and pack into a glass container

- Pack just a bit into the jar and tamp it down hard using your fists or any sturdy kitchen implement

- Cover the cabbage with prepared brine, leaving 1-2 inches of head space for the juice to be expand as it ferments

- Put the plate under the container

- Place clean weight (such as a glass jug filled with water). This weight is to keep the cabbage under the brine

- Leave the jar on a kitchen counter out of direct sunlight for 5-6 day (depend of temperature)

- Press down the weight periodically to make sure it is cover with the brine

- If any mold has formed, do not worry, just scoop out the moldy cabbage and push it the rest under the water

- After 5-6 days, remove weight, add more brine to cover the cabbage, cover tightly and transfer it to the refrigerator

- Same process for other vegetables (e.g. cucumbers, tomatoes, broccoli …)

Storage note: The Fermented vegetables can be stored in covered airtight container in the refrigerator for up to one year